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Construction pit ensuring for administrative and commercial buildings Quadrio

Construction pit ensuring for administrative and commercial buildings Quadrio in the Prague city center

On one of Prague's most valuable land in Spálená Street in the New Town, in the immediate vicinity of the former department store Maj, was newly built object called Quadrio. Ensuring a deep foundation pit for this object in the dense surrounding area and in immediate contact with structures subway station Národní třída featured in many respects a very challenging task, both in terms of the design and implementation. Sheeting of excavation pit was designed around the perimeter using waterproof secant anchored pile walls, drilled from the pre-excavation level, secured to a depth of 5,5 m with rider bracing. The underpinning of the existing building DS MY and in contact sealing of pile walls and subway escalator tunnel jet grouting was used. Original air handling underground shaft had to be converted to independent horizontal channel located under the slab of new objects in a new position with shotcrete sheeting, nails and KARI nets. The depth of the excavation pit reaching 18–20 m in place of air duct up to 26 m from the existing terrain.

Amouns and dimensions

Secant pile wall, piles dia. 880 mm (partially 1180 mm): 5580 m
Strand temporary anchors: 4860 m
Shotcreet: 4819 m2
Beam ring of piles: 175 m3
Jet grouting: 176 m
Reinforced concrete wallers: 300 m3
Micropiles 114/10: 208 m:
Temporary rod anchors: 312 m
Anchoring nails 2x R 25: 1395 m
Riders HEB 300: 148 m
Wooden panels: 1185 m2


CPI Národní, s. r. o.


Metrostav, a. s.



1,72 mil. EUR 2012–2014

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  • Type of construction : Civil projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 10–50 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2011-2015
  • Supporting technologies : Piles,Anchors,Rider bracing

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