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Florentinum – administrative and business palace in Prague

Florentinum – administrative and business palace in Prague

The Prague quarter of Florenc has recently seen the rise of a new and unique construction of the administrative building called Florentinum, located in the courtyard between Na Poříčí and Na Florenci streets. It is an extraordinary project not only due to its 98 000 square metres of floor space, but also its concept connecting the building with an open public urban space. In the course of securing of the Florentinum foundation pit practically all special foundation engineering technologies and their combinations were used: microrider anchored walls, jet grouting as well as anchored pile walls. Deep foundation of the construction was carried out on secant piles having significant static influence together with the strapped base plate.

Amounts and dimensions

Foundation piles dia. 600, 900 mm: 1516 m
Foundation piles dia. 1200, 1500 mm: 608 m
Retaining wall piles dia. 1200, 1500 mm: 608 m
Acoustic wall: 320 m

3, 4-strand anchors: 3526 m
Minipiles: 470 m
Jet-grouting columns dia. 750 a 900 mm: 3900 m
Shotcrete: 1180 m
Sheet piles VL 604: 1434 m2
Blinding concrete: 13 850 m2
Riders HEB 140: 287 m















Development Florentinum, s. r. o.




Petr Březina – APB Plzeň



2,01 mil. EUR 2011 – 2012

  • Searching for references
  • Type of construction : Civil projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 50–100 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2011-2015
  • Supporting technologies : Piles,Micropiles,Jet grouting

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