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Sanitation of the Chabařovice landfill

Sanitation of the Chabařovice landfill

The chemical waste landfill in Chabařovice stretches on 41 hectares and it has listed among the most dangerous industrial waste landfills in the Czech Republic. The Zakládání staveb Co. took part in its complex sanitation with works of special foundation involving mainly carrying out of cut-off walls and circumferential drain, as well as sanitation of unstable landfill areas and other key premises by means of grouting.


Cut-off wall – thickness of 600 mm, length of 6–11 m, with the SEKOFIX self-hardening slurry: 14 640 m2
Circumferential drain – thickness of 800 mm, filled with gravel to the depth of 5–10 m, at the distance of 3,5 m from the cut -off wall: 2140 m long, sheeted by sheet-pile walls
Grout holes supporting consolidation of the landfill slopes and preventing its internal burning: 17 600 m
Total volume of used grouting clay-ash grout: 26 400 m3


Metrostav Co., Koželužská 2246, Praha 8-Libeň


National Property Fund of the CR (Acquirer: Spolchemie Co., Revoluční 86, Ústí nad Labem



4,44 mil. EU 2000–2002

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  • Type of construction : Enviromental projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 100– more mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2001-2005
  • Supporting technologies : Sealing underground wall,Grouting

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