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Securing foundation pit for small hydropower plant in Roudnice nad Labem

Securing foundation pit for small hydropower plant in Roudnice nad Labem

The design for securing walls in the foundation pit consisted in using two sheeting technologies: firstly, secant pile walls were used in deeper excavation parts; secondly, sheet pile walls were designed for areas where ramming to the necessary depth was potentially possible. Areas around bridge and weir piers and bridge abutments were sheeted by carrying out a massive block of jet grouted columns. With respect to the fact that the construction site is located in an area with pressurized water present in the subsoil, it was necessary to carry out appropriate measures to achieve sufficient riverbed stability prior to foundation pit excavation. A sealing curtain strapped into the lower insulation layer was realised along the foundation pit perimeter using the rock grouting method. The same technology was used to seal damaged natural insulation layers along the tectonic line. This measure was accompanied by installation of pumping relief wells.

Amouns and dimensions

Sheet-pile walls permanent and temporary: 3519 m2
Steel constructions – wallers, struts: 98 t
Secant pile wall: ? 900 mm: 3933 m
Strand anchors permanent and temporary: 3452 m
Micropiles 114/10: 1056 m
Jet grouting ? 1250 mm: 3295 m
Reinforced concrete constructions: 601 m3
Under water and pressure water measures:
- Grouting bores: 3772 m
- Steel bushings: 3920 m
- Bores for bushing: 5282 m
- Ground grouting volume: 2520 m3
- Vertical ground grouting area: 1200 m2


Sdružení firem Metrostav, a. s., a Zakládání Group, a. s.


RenoEnergie, a. s.



2,47 mil. EUR 2012–2014

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  • Type of construction : Hydrotechnical projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 50–100 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2011-2015
  • Supporting technologies : Piles,Micropiles,Anchors,Grouting,Jet grouting,Driving

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