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Small hydro power station in Litoměřice

Small hydro power station in Litoměřice – securing a foundation pit in the artesian water environment

A new small hydro power station Litoměřice has been finished on the right bank of the Labe River on the weir of České Kopisty. The powerstation with its installed capacity of 7,2 MW lists among the biggest low-gradient small hydro power stations in the Czech Republic. Common technologies of special foundation engineering were designed to be used for securing of its foundation pit. These involvede.g. diaphragm walls, sheet pile and pile walls. In course of sheeting works inside the foundation pit artesian pressure water with discharge height of approx. 2-3m above ground level was detected. This fact had a significant influence on the subsequent construction works onthe substructure foundation. Firstly, the originally designed technologies had to be adjusted and secondly, the bottom of the foundation pit had to be secured against the pressure water break-through. This was achieved by injecting the rock massive under the footing bottom and installing relief boreholes. The contract also involved dredging works in the riverbed at the inflowand outflow area of the hydro power plant.

Amounts and dimensions

Securing a foundation pit:
Permanent sheet piles: 2892 m2
Temporary sheet piles: 2740 m2
Straps: 132 t
Struts: 76 t
Diaphragm walls 0,8 m: 4933 m2
Cutting of diaphragm walls: 3805 m2
Temporary and permanent 4- and 6-stranded anchors: 8162 m
Type straps: 48 pcs.
Secant piles 880 mm: 1485 r.m.
Excavation and backfill: 4901 m3

Drilled and re-drilled holes: 33 375 m
Grouting (mostly up to 2 MPa): 7360 hours
Reliever wells: 33 pcs.

Dredging: cca 6000 m3


Eco Energy Investment AG, Grabestrasse 25, 6340 Baar, Švýcarsko;
Metrostav, a. s., Koželužská 2246, Praha 8


Dolnolabské elektrárny, a. s., Náměstí Míru 62/39, Svitavy



6,08 mil. EUR 2009 – 2011

  • Searching for references
  • Type of construction : Hydrotechnical projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 100– more mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2011-2015
  • Supporting technologies : Piles,Diaphragm walls,Grouting,Driving

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