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Reconstruction of Čertovka river

Reconstruction of Čertovka river bed on the 0,355-0,711 river km, Prague-Kampa

The floods of 2002 had a significant negative influence on the Čertovka riverbed as well as on the bank walls, especially there taining ones. It was therefore decided to carry out reconstruction works in the Čertovka riverbed between the 0,335 18 and 0,711 river km and to repair and/or replace most of the affected bank walls. Alongside the land owned by the Czechoslovak Sokol or the so called Werichova Villa the bank wall abutments were secured by a ballast bench and further remediated from the head within-filling grouting and alternatively underpinned with jet grouting or micropiles. In places where the original walls collapsed (nearby the Nostic restaurant and the following 32m long section) the excavation for foundations of the new bank walls was secured with microrider bracing with timbering. The complex reconstruction also included grouting and deep jointing of the masonry as well as reconstruction of the bank wall plasters. Last but not least, the Čertovka riverbed was remediated, including new pavements and landscaping of the bank areas.

Amounts and dimensions

Jet grouting: 283 m
Bored micropiles: 887 m
In-filling grouting: 365 m
Earth works: 1583 m3
Pavement: 1017 m2
Plaster repairs: 350 m2
New ballast wall: 210 m3
Masonry grouting: 35 m2
Deep masonry jointing: 35 m2

Client and investor

Prague 1 District, Vodičkova 681/18, Praha 1



0,76 mil. EUR 2/2009 – 9/2009

  • Searching for references
  • Type of construction : Hydrotechnical projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 10–50 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2006-2010
  • Supporting technologies : Jet grouting,Rider bracing

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