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Thin cut-off wall in the protective dyke Odra – Ostrava-Nová Ves

Thin cut-off wall in the protective dyke Odra – Ostrava-Nová Ves
Based on the fact that the protective dykes along the Odra River were observed to be in very poor condition, it was decided to create an impermeable diaphragm wall in the dyke bottom using the technology of thin cut-off walls. This wall obstructs seepage path of underground water under the body of the dyke. Thin cut-off walls are carried out by vibrated pre-driving of a special profile of an “I” groundplan form that creates space in the ground environment filled in with self-hardening slurry. The slurry is fed to the profie bottom with an injection pipe and continuously grouted into the created space as the profile is being pulled out. The average thickness of the cut-off wall carried out on this construction achieved 20 cm.


Length of the thin cut-off wall: 910 m,
Depth of the wall: 4–7 m,
Total area: 3257 m2,
Consumption of the self-hardening slurry: 624 m3, Average slurry consumption: 0,192 m3/m2.


Lesostavby Frýdek-Místek Co., Slezská 2766, Frýdek-Místek


Povodí Odry S. E., Varenská 49, Ostrava



4,6 mil. Kč 2004

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  • Type of construction : Hydrotechnical projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 0–10 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2001-2005
  • Supporting technologies : Thin sealing underground wall

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