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Complete reconstruction of the Rašín riverbank in Prague

Complete reconstruction of the Rašín riverbank in Prague
The Rašínovo riverbank in Prague is the longest and one of the most famous Prague riverbanks. It stretches from the Vyšehrad Rock to the Mánes House on the Slovanský ostrov and it is spanned by three bridges in the total length of 1390 m. The whole riverbank is conserved as a historical monument.
The reconstruction of the riverbank included above all repairs on the lower and upper embankment wall and renovation of pavements of the riverrain routes. With regard to the extent of works the complete reconstruction was divided into four separate phases. The Zakládání staveb Co. was contracted to carry out works on the reconstruction of the lower riverbank wall. These works included:
• Dredging of the riverbed along the riverbank,
• Carrying out cofferdams from sheet-pile walls to provide protected space for the reconstruction of the stonework below the Vltava water level,
• Grouting and anchoring of the lower riverbank wall,
• Carrying out micropiles for fixing anchor blocks for mooring bitts. All works in the Vltava riverbed – dredging and sheet-pile walls – were realised from the ship machinery owned by the Zakládání staveb Co.


Sheet pile walls: 9956 m2,
bar anchors and spikes: 10 525 m,
micropiles 70/12 mm: 1 619 m.


Stavby silnic a železnic Co. Národní třída 10, Praha 1


The City of Prague, Mariánské náměstí 2, Praha 1



57,8 mil. Kč 1998–2006

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  • Type of construction : Hydrotechnical projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 50–100 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2006-2010
  • Supporting technologies : Anchors,Driving

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