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Antiflood measures for the Žofín Palace on the Slovanský ostrov Island

Antiflood measures for the Žofín Palace on the Slovanský ostrov Island
The Žofín Palace is a part of the antiflood protection system of the City of Prague. The measures realised in this building were aimed at providing a consistent protection of the palace not only in times of floods, but also in cases of increased water levels when the ingressing water from the Vltava River used to flood basement parts of the palace.
There were several alternative solutions prepared and the finally realised one consists in an antiflood cut-off wall that can be retracted down into the impermeable subsoil.
The Zakládání staveb Co. carried out the following works on this construction:
• Infilling grouting of undergr. caverns created during floods;
• Excavation of a clay-cement diaphragm cut-off wall (3 sides of the palace);
• Reinforced concrete piles dia. 600 mm in places of mobile cofferdam frames;
• Jet-grouting with reinforcement rods for underpinning and improving subsoil conditions of the embankment walls and in places where the cut-off wall interferes with underground services;
• Deep rejointing of the embankment wall.


Infilling grouting of caverns with clay-cement slurry: 1100 m3,
Clay-cement cut-off wall: 1471 m2,
Reinforced concrete piles: 246 m,
Jet-grouting for the diaphragm cut-off wall: 1024 m,
Jet-grouting in the embankment wall: 406 m,
Spikes: R32: 1460 m,
Grouting of the embankment wall toe with clay-cement slurry prior to jet-grouting: 10,2 m3,
Reconstruction of the embankment wall joints: 97 m2.


Podzimek a synové Ltd., Husova 1623/12, Jihlava Prague City District no.1, Vodičkova 18, Praha 1


Prague City District no.1, Vodičkova 18, Praha 1



19,3 mil. Kč 2005

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  • Type of construction : Hydrotechnical projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 10–50 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2001-2005
  • Supporting technologies : Sealing underground wall,Grouting

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