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Reconstruction of antiflood barrier and imbedding of a gas line siphon near Veltrusy

Reconstruction of antiflood barrier and imbedding of a gas line siphon near Veltrusy
During the disastrous floods of 2002 water damaged and washed away a part of the right bank of the Vltava River including an antiflood barrier, as well as a part of land behind the barrier where it created a new riverbed. The rectifying measures consisted in building a completely new barrier on the right bank climbing up to 10 m and replenishing material on the right riverbank.
In the upstream face of the newly built barrier a diversion dam was built from quarry stone above the river-water level and compacted by dynamic consolidation. A lagoon formed behind the diversion dam was filled in with gravel compacted under water by the deep compaction method (vibro-flotation). The newly created area above the water level was used for foundation of a new barrier made of sandy soil compacted in layers with a vibrating roller.
A sheet-pile wall made of 10–12 m long sheet piles was installed into the barrier axis to ensure impermeability and increase safety of the barrier. The sheet-pile wall was installed into almost finished barrier into predrills of 300 mm in diameter. Surface of the barrier in the upstream face and a part of the air face was forted with stone paving.
Reconstruction of the barrier involved imbedding of a new siphon for medium-pressure gas pipe line under the river bed and the newly built barrier in place of the original siphon that was uncovered and damaged by floods. The siphon was imbedded by a retraction method carried out from an assembly platform on the left river bank, then loaded and protected with concrete saddle and rock filling, and finally connected with the existing line.


Vibro-floated area of the lower part of the barrier: 3454 m2, Total length of punctures (3 m long): 4680 m.
Sheet-pile wall:
Vibrate sheet-pile wall made of sheet p. VL 604: 4574 m2, Pre-drills dia. 300 mm in the sheet-pile wall axis: 3720 m.
Earth works: 13 945 m3,
Length of the new siphon: 185 m,
Fitting saddles: 141 pieces,
Gravel backfilling: 11 400 m3,
Rock filling: 1050 m3,
Forting of the river bank with quarry stone: 220 m3.


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31,8 mil. Kč 2003

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  • Completion date : 2001-2005
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