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Reconstruction of the collapsed second waterway of the Střekov waterworks

Reconstruction of the collapsed second waterway of the Střekov waterworks
In course of induced reconstruction of the second waterway of the Střekov waterworks defects of stone cladding of the lower weir structure were detected. The selected technical solution included realisation of a sheet pile cofferdam on the upstream face of the weir so that it was possible to carry out the replacement of damaged parts of the reinforced concrete and steel structures in dry conditions. Later on more defects were disclosed, namely outbursts of water in the upward and downward parts of the stilling basin. The works were therefore extended by sanitation grouting of concrete structure of the lower stilling basin followed by subsequent anchoring of stone blocks.


Extraction of sediments in front of the weir: 140 m3
Fixing a wall made of 12 m long sheet piles Lars. IIIn: 300 m2 1480 bores and 31m3 of grouting was carried out as a part of sanitation and pressure grouting of stone cladding on the stilling basin and the original concrete structures of the coffer dam bearing cill.
Spikes of 20mm in diameter for anchoring the reinforced concrete structure of the bearing cill: 1376 m
Chemical grouting of stone cladding joints on the downward part of the stilling basin: 844 kg
Steel structures for bearing cills and armouring of the inlet: 15,5 tons
Reinforced concrete plate: 166 m3
Demolition of stone cladding of the bearing cill and reinforced concrete plate: 170 m3
Restoring of fillings in front the weir: 270 m3


ŽS Brno, a. s., Burešova 938/17, Brno


Povodí Labe, s. p., Víta Nejedlého 951, Hradec Králov



18,1 mil. Kč 2004

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  • Type of construction : Hydrotechnical projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 10–50 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2001-2005
  • Supporting technologies : Piles,Driving

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