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Collectors Centre I.A — Vodičkova line — works from the surface

Collectors Centre I.A — Vodičkova line — works from the surface

The works from the surface consisted in the following activities:

Securing of existing structures within the line of the driven collector against potential effects of the driving works in the syncline was carried out with a jet-grouted shield. The vertical shield was made of jet-grouted columns placed to the joint leaving space for groundwater flow. In places with higher risk of syncline the jet-grouted columns were reinforced with a steel pipe. In areas where the bedrock is located shallowly under the ground the securing was carried out by thick-walled micropiles and supplemented by high-pressure grouting.

Sheeting of the circular and rectangular jamb of the service shafts in soft soils was done with walls of secant piles of 900 mm in diameter. The piles were carried out with laps providing for stability and watertightness of the structure.
Sheeting of the circular jamb of the service shafts was carried out with micro-brace sheeting in cohesive, semirock and rock grounds. Bored steel riders (I+H), spacing steel beams and sprayed concrete with steel reinforcing mesh were used here.



Jet-grouting (M2) 240 mm in diameter: 264 m
Jet-grouting (M2) 120 mm in diameter: 6369 m
Secant piles 900 mm, 15 m long: 894 m
Drills for steel riders 14 m deep: 896 m



The consortium of Subterra Co., (Bezová 1658/1, Praha 4),
Metrostav Co., (Koželužská 2246, Praha 8)


The City of Prague, Mariánské nám. 2, Praha 1



1,61 mil. EUR 2004–2006

  • Searching for references
  • Type of construction : Underground projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 10–50 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2006-2010
  • Supporting technologies : Piles,Jet grouting

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