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TOP realization - Secant pile wall used for securing a mounting shaft (SO 07-17)

Secant pile wall used for securing a mounting shaft (SO 07-17), construction of prolonged A line of Prague Underground (V. A)

A large circular mounting shaft was carried out in close proximity of the Vypich cross-roads (the BRE 1 construction site) to be used for assembly and subsequent fitting of boring shields for TBM at the construction of V. A line of Prague underground. Sheeting of the shaft forms a wall consisting of 88 pieces of 35 m long secant piles. The shaft diameter measures 24,8m (to the pile axis) and reaches the depth of approx. 34m under the modified terrain. As the excavation works progressed non-anchored reinforced concrete round straps T2, T3 and T4 were carried out at three height levels of the shaft. At the bottom area where the shaft goes through the tunnel two reinforced concrete straps were realised and anchored with six 8-strand anchors. The shaft function is temporary with its anticipated use for 4 years.


Piles 35 m long, 88 pieces: 3080 m
Reinforced concrete strap beams and head beam: 708 m3
Shotcrete: 430 m2
Stranded and fiberglass anchors: 604 m
Pile face adjustment: 2283 m2


Hochtief CZ, a. s., Plzeňská 16/3217, 1500 Praha 5


Prague Public Transport Company Co., Sokolovská 217/42, Praha 9-Vysočany



1,16 mil. EUR 3/2010 – 11/2010

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