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Charles Bridge – permanent protection of no. 8 and 9 pillar foundations

Charles Bridge – permanent protection of no. 8 and 9 pillar foundations

Foundations of pillars no. 8 and 9 of the Charles Bridge were the last two originating from the times of construction of the bridge in the 14th century and they were not suf?ciently protec-ted against scouring in cases of increased water levels in the river. Their permanent protection was achieved by adequately durable closed envelope around both pillar foundations, foun-ded to the depth of 1,5 m into the bedrock. An envelope made of sheet piles Larssen IIIn was carried out on both downstream and upstream tips of the pillars. Due to the fact that it was impossible to ram the bedrock through it was necessary to carry out pre-drills with a drilling set and subsequently vibrate the sheet piles and ?t them in. With respect to small headway the envelope under the bridge vaults was carried out from jet-grouted columns O 600 mm with axial spacing 0,5 m. The columns were subsequently ?tted with reinforcing steel pipes that created a stiff poling wall.
Thus created cofferdams were further pumped out and an ar-chaeological borehole was opened inside at each of the pillars. The works continued with complete reconstruction of pillar shanks – replacement of stone blocks and new jointing. Finally, a reinforcing 0,5 m thick reinforced concrete frame was carried out around both pillars. It closes the protective envelope from the top and acts as a horizontal closed frame, into which the sheet pile envelope as well as the poling from microbraces is anchored.
All construction works were realised from boat mechanisms and pontoons. Divers participated in the works carried out under water.


Pillar foundations:
Excavation of deposits: 905 m3, Grouting of caverns and backfills: 15 m3, Backfills with stone: 210 m3,
Sheet piles Arbed AS 500: 83 m2, Sheet piles Larsen III n: 925 m2,
Pre-drills: 1680 m,
Jet grouting O 600 (M1): 1600 m, Steel pipes O 194/10 mm: 1774 m, Reinforced concrete frame: 145 m3, Beams HEB 120: 300 m,
Pillar shanks:
Demolition and removal: 20 m3, Replacement of stones: 5 m3, Cleaning and jointing: 134 m.


Mott MacDonald, Národní 15, Praha 1


Prague City Municipal Council, Mariánské nám. 2, Praha 1



36,7 mil. Kč 2004-2005

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  • Type of construction : Traffic projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 10–50 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2001-2005
  • Supporting technologies : Jet grouting,Driving

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