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Reconstruction of Passenger Port Gruž in Dubrovnik

Reconstruction of Passenger Port Gruž in Dubrovnik

Zakladani staveb d.o.o. Zagreb realized pile foundation for the reconstruction and extension of quays of The Passenger Port Gruž in Dubrovnik. The foundation was designed on piles with a diameter of 1500 mm with a heel extended to 1800 mm, embedded at 4.5 m depth to bedrock. In total, there were performed 88 pieces of piles length 11 to 29 m, the average length of 19 m. For pile realization there were set strict tolerances: maximum 20 mm horizontal deviation from the ideal pile center and maximum deviation from the vertical of 1: 75. Weight of machinery exceeded 200 tons, it had to be subordinated to choose a suitable pontoon, from which all works were performed.


Total number of piles: 88 pcs
Total pile dia. 1500 mm length: 1673 (312 m in bedrock)
Weigth os reinforcement: 764 t
Length of permanent casing: 1329 m
Concrete: 3610 m3


Pomgrad Inženjering d. o. o. Split




Lučka uprava Dubrovnik



587 435 EUR incl. VAT 2010-2011

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  • Type of construction : Traffic projects
  • Country : Croatia
  • Financial volume : 10–50 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2011-2015
  • Supporting technologies : Piles

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