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Cut-and-cover tunnel on the by-pass road around the Jihlava town

Cut-and-cover tunnel on the by-pass road around the Jihlava town

The 304 m long cut-and-cover tunnel located on the high--capacity road I/31 D1-Jihlava-Znojmo-Vienna was carried out by the “cut and cover” method, which is rather unusual in local conditions. In deeply and extensively weathered gneissic rocks the tunnel walls were made from 800 mm thick diaphragm walls connected with a reinforced concrete vault at the capital level. Trenches for diaphragm walls were excavated from the pre-cut at the tunnel calotte level. The pre-cut slopes were secured by nailing and sprayed concrete. A rock from the tunnel core was excavated with the use of heavy machinery and disposed on the finished tunnel vault. The trenches for diaphragm walls were extracted by a scooping-up method, using the Argipol P slurry. To allow recessing of the trenches to the required depth of 10-11 m it was necessary in numerous lamellas to break up hard gneissic rock by boring holes of 140-170 mm in diameter. Problems that occurred in course of the trench excavation works were caused by cohesionless mouldered rocks settled on bed joints inclined to the tunnel. The mouldered rocks in the joints ran up into excavated trenches creating caverns that had to be repaired. The finished works included milling of the diaphragm walls faces.


Diaphragm walls: 5500 m2, i.e. 4675 m3 of concrete,
Material for reinforcement cages: 94 t,
Sprayed concrete SB 25: 437 m3,
Screwed reinforcement for the vault connection: 116 t,
Bar rock anchors: 658 m,
Spikes–nails: 4222 m,
Water pumping behind the backside dia. walls: 9240 hours.


ŽS Brno Co., Burešova 17, Brno


The Directorate of roads and motorways, Čerčanská 12, Praha 4



2,322 mil. EUR 7/2002–6/2003

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  • Type of construction : Traffic projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 50–100 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2001-2005
  • Supporting technologies : Diaphragm walls

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