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Scaling up of the Praha Ruzyně Airport

Scaling up of the Praha Ruzyně Airport

Within the framework of enlarging and modernisation of the Praha Ruzyně Airport foundations of several new buildings were carried out in the years 2000 to 2006:
• Rider bracing of a foundation pit and foundation
of the Parking C building on piles with round pocket heads;
• Foundation of the “Cargo” building on piles;
• Foundation of the access flyover bridge on piles;
• Foundation of advance structures of the speed railway
between Praha, Ruzyně Airport and Kladno on piles – these
structures should provide for smooth realisation of the construc-
tion without affecting the operation of the terminal North 2;
• Foundation of a connecting building between new check-in
halls on piles;
• Abutment wall.


Piles O 600 mm: 3634 m
Piles O 700: 147 m
Piles O 750 mm: 404 m
Piles O 900 mm: 3348 m
Piles O 1000 mm: 258 m
Piles O 1200 mm: 1668 m
Pockets O 1200– 1500 mm: 210 pcs.
Riders I-300 mm: 240 m
Strand anchors: 528 m


Metrostav Co., Koželužská 2246, Praha 8–Libeň
Hochtief-VSB, Co., Primátorská 36/323, Praha 8


ČSL S. E. (Czech Airports Authority), Praha 6–Ruzyně



1,78 mil. EUR 2000–2006


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  • Type of construction : Traffic projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 50–100 mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2006-2010
  • Supporting technologies : Piles

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