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Královopolské Tunnels on the Brno City Ring

Královopolské Tunnels on the Brno City Ring – securing of the foundation pit of technological center

The technological centre of the Kralovopolske Tunnels in Brno situated mainly under the surface forms an important part of the tunnel construction project. The centre is located approx. midway between the tunnel lines and its main purpose is to place controlling and checking equipment for the tunnel operation as well as venting the tunnel transport area. A foundation pit with a ground plan of approx. 61 x 14 m reaching down to an extreme depth of almost 30 m had to be excavated prior to the technological centre construction. The technology of monolithic concrete reinforced diaphragm walls was used to carry out temporary sheeting of the foundation pit. These monolithic walls were almost 36 m deep, partly anchored and strutted at seven levels with steel struts. Stabilisation of the foundation pit bottom as well as strutting of wall toes under the excavation bottom were realised as a block of jet grouted columns. The technological centre also involves a venting channel and a venting shaft providing connection with the tunnel tube no. II. Bracing of pits for these construction was carried out using the technology of secant pile walls.


Concrete reinforced diaphragm walls 800 mm thick: 5057 m2
6-strand anchors with a dynamometer: 410 m
Cutting faces of the diaphragm walls: 3530 m2
Jet grouting diam. 800 m, 18 m long bores, bottom
stabilisation in the depth of 30–34 m: 3657 m
Earth works: 23 546 m3


Firesta-Fišer, rekonstrukce, stavby Co., Mlynska 68, Brno


Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic, Statutory
City of Brno and State Fund for Transport Infrastructure



4,64 mil. EUR 2007-2010

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  • Type of construction : Traffic projects
  • Country : Czech Republic
  • Financial volume : 100– more mil. Kč
  • Completion date : 2006-2010
  • Supporting technologies : Diaphragm walls,Jet grouting

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